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A L L   a b o u t   E V E

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What about Eve? What about the original sin, as it relates to this point in time? We no longer have to deal with just self-generated desires, but also with desires that are artificially created, packaged and dispersed by professionals to sell us products and ideologies. Temptation is ever present…it is the donut, the shirt we don’t need, the time killed at the mall, the “B” movie, the latest self-help book or religion, the “friend” or “lover” that really is no friend at all. We are bombarded with messages and objects, including sex and gender characterizations.

The ancient concept of sin in both Hebrew and Hindu cultures related to the art of archery. It simply meant being off target. All Eve did was bite an apple…what a beautifully benign symbol for the potent concept of getting a taste for knowledge. This simple allegory of an act changed the nature and history of “man” in western Judeo-Christian cultures. How curious that a woman was the catalyst and that she was culturally punished thereafter. What de facto might have been the nature of her decision, the dance of her seduction? Are we beguiled the same way every time we go to MacDonald’s, watch a sitcom or pick up a copy of Cosmo?

The two-dimensional images are painted on both sides of glass. The front, with the actual image, is painted in oil and the back is painted with an abstract image in water-based paint. Both paintings are left translucent to show through packing of bubble wrap and aluminum foil. The bubble wrap imitates the scales of the snakes skin and the aluminum foil adds muted reflectivity, an ancient symbol of femininity. The three-dimensional pieces are made of ready-mades, such as artificial and real fruit, painted shoes, snake skin etc. The titles for the works are in most cases single words that could be used in technology, traffic, medicine, marketing, industry or bureaucracy.