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M A T T E R   o v e r   M I N D

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In the matter of the mind, does the mind matter?
Or is it matter that we should mind?
If the universe is neutral, then nothing does matter,
least of all the mind.
And if the mind itself is only matter,
that exists independently of us,
and cares only to preserve itself, then again,
does the mind even deserve to matter?
Could it be then, that matter is more directly in contact with
who we are than our mind?
And if all that is so, then the mind does not matter,
and it is matter that matters, and the mind should mind it more.

In MATTER over MIND I invite you to relish the melodic sound of the letter M and to free-associate words starting with the letter M to bring meaning to the work. This meaning can be created only by your mind and can only matter in that context, since it doesn’t really exist outside your mind. Stop, and see if your mind lets you play, or if it lets you abstain from playing.